Best Free Anime Streaming Sites Like 7anime Alternatives in 2022

7anime is one of the most popular pages on the Internet to watch anime online. Unfortunately, the stability of the page sometimes leaves something to be desired. Meanwhile, some countries block access to the website for legal reasons, as is the case with Roja Directa and other similar websites. The good news is that there are many alternatives to 7anime to watch anime online for free from your mobile and from any device with a compatible browser. On this occasion we have compiled eight of these pages and applications that at the date of publication work correctly in much of the world.


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Top 8 Best Anime Websites, 7Anime Alternatives in 2022

The options to watch anime online are many, numerous websites have been dedicated to uploading this content so that anyone can enjoy it. If you like anime and are looking for alternatives to 7anime, in this list you will find very interesting options.


It is a popular platform in countries like the United States, Japan, and Australia. You can only find it in English and Japanese, so if the language is not a barrier for you, it is a good option, since the amount of content it offers is one of the largest you can find on the internet, surpassing even other paid services like Crunchyroll.

However, the problem with this page is the amount of advertising it has, making it annoying to navigate its website, especially if you do it from a mobile phone.

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Within the website you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide catalog of anime, you can find all kinds of genres, from romance, action, horror and many more. In addition, you will find the most popular anime, such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Attack of the Titans, One Punch Man, among others.

You can also get old content and the most recent titles, this way you can watch an old anime that catches your attention or keep up with the new chapters of the anime that you are currently following.

You will also be able to see them in their original subtitled language or with Latin audio, if you have that option. You will even find anime movies, in case you want to follow all the adventures of your favourite characters.

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Animeblix has become more popular among users looking to watch anime in Spanish from their computer. The platform offers an intuitive and pleasant interface, making it easy to find the content you want.

In addition, it has its own viewer, in this way you will not have to leave the website to see the anime you have chosen; you won’t be bothered by ad-supported pop-ups either.

So you can enjoy all the content you want, from the most popular anime to doramas, with HD quality and with Spanish subtitles.

Funimation Now

Through this platform you will have the best experience to watch anime series and movies from your mobile device, since it has been designed only for Android and iOS.

You will not have to pay anything or register to enjoy its content and although it shows advertising from time to time, it is not annoying. It has a large library where you will find the most recent anime productions, so it is a good platform to see everything from your mobile.

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It is a platform that works in a similar way to the previous ones mentioned. However, it has a difference that makes it a great option, and that is that the website is responsive, this means that it can be adapted to the resolution of the device from which you access, be it a tablet or mobile.

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Thanks to this, it will improve your browsing experience from your mobile, allowing you to see the chapters in full transmission or participate in the comments section, which is always very active.


Although the design of this platform is very simple, it is a good alternative to enjoy anime online.

The biggest advantage of this website is that its content, which is in excellent quality, you can download it through Mega, so you can watch your favorite anime from any device, whenever you want and without being connected to the internet.

It has an application for Android, where you will also enjoy its content with a more complete user experience. However, the amount of advertising on this platform is very high, which will undoubtedly affect browsing comfort.

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Anime Online Sub

Within this portal you will get content focused on anime, OVAs and doramas in Latin Spanish and Castilian Spanish. You can even get numerous movies from Japan, Korea or China, and all kinds of genres to enjoy.

It may take a while to load, but its display performs very well. And since it has a wide variety of content, it is maintained with many active users.

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Chinese Monkeys

It is one of the pages with the longest history of the entire list, in it you will find all the content created in Japan, Korea and China. Its popularity among Latin American users is quite high, since it offers a large amount of anime translated and subtitled into Latin Spanish.

In addition, it has direct download links and an integrated player, it even has a Facebook page where you can interact with other anime fans like you and who will share interesting links.

Watch Anime Online With 7anime

When choosing a new website to watch anime, you must take into account some aspects that it must comply with, as you can see in this link, so that you can fully enjoy this content. The first thing that the page that you have chosen at the end as an alternative to 7anime must fulfill, is the video quality. Look for pages that offer HD or Full HD content, as you will find many that only handle 480p definition for older animes. In addition, it must be very easy to use, with an intuitive design that allows you to find the anime you want quickly. Also your browsing on mobile phones or tablets should be good, since you will not always see this content on your computer or television. Pages with little advertising are recommended, since by exceeding this aspect, you will not have the best browsing experience on the platform.

End Liner

Finally, it should be a free alternative, especially if you like to watch anime occasionally, since there is no use paying for a subscription if you only see this content on specific occasions, whether you follow only one anime or like it recall the classics. With these alternatives you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best anime content from the comfort of your home.

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