Best Free Anime Streaming Sites Animxplay Alternatives in 2022

Animxplay is a website that offers free anime that you can watch or download at any time. They have a huge list of anime titles for everyone. They mainly provide English subbed anime for Dragon Ball, One Piece, Hero Academia, Attack on Titans, and Fairy Tail.

Animx play is a world leading anime streaming website that has extensive database. It’s free and easy to use and allows you to enjoy unlimited streaming without irritation from ads. The site has millions of users around the world who can use it to enjoy the latest anime series with fast streaming. All the anime series on the site consist of various categories such as Anime List, New Season, Movies, and Popular. Each category consists of several options that offer users a range of options. The platform material is regularly updated to offer more with the latest news.


Like other similar anime sites, it also has an advanced search option where you have to drop in the anime title to find your favorite things. Animxplay requires registering with a verified email address and all other required information. After completing the registration, you can easily share the anime series on social media platforms.

If you want more anime or just want to access other similar sites like Animxplay, then we have that covered for you. Take a look at websites like Animx play that you can visit right now.

Best Anime Websites, Animxplay Alternatives in 2022

Disclaimer: Watching anime online for free may or may not be illegal. We are listing the following alternative Animxplay sites for educational purposes only, we do not recommend that you watch anime for free illegally.


AnimeFreak is the website that has all the latest and hottest anime today just like Animxplay. They even have the weirdest movie versions and anime titles you can imagine.

In AnimeFreak, the interface is simple. You can browse by genre, alphabetically, latest releases, or by popularity. So everything will be served to you in the simplest way possible. You can visit the site now to see for yourself.

Kiss Anime

The KissAnime website, a Animxplay alternative, is the site for all things anime. They have a section for the latest news and gossip about your favorite anime titles, creators, and manga series. There is even a request segment if an anime is not available on your site.

KissAnime is not just an anime. They also offer movies from around the world, including titles from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Korea. If you want a website for everything anime related and more like Animxplay, then you should bookmark KissAnime right now in your web browser.


WatchAnimeMovie is a new and leading anime streaming website that offers AZ all the latest and classic anime series at no cost. Provides fast and easy streaming sites that attract more audiences around the world.

All series on the sites consist of multiple categories like Action, Adventure, Romance, Horror, Comedy and many others. Each genre also consists of several options that are regular updates with new things. also offers both options to find your favorite thing, such as browsing genres and using a search bar where you should put in the name of the anime series you want.

In case it is not available, the site allows you to configure the request with the title of the anime and all other required information. Within 24 hours, your favorite series will be delivered. The use of the platform is completely free and you can access it anywhere in the world.

WatchAnimeMovie offers basic features like easy-to-use interface, fast streaming, HD content, place reviews, detailed series description, and many categories to explore, etc.


The Crunchyroll website is not a free website that offers free anime streaming services. This site has a great collection of anime from the old to the latest releases. But this is only available if you are willing to pay for the premium services.

This is popular because Crunchyroll is for those guys who like to get their anime fix legally. So if this is your thing, you can click on the link provided and start streaming your favorite anime title now!


9anime is a leading anime movie and TV series streaming website where you can stream high quality English dubbed and subtitled anime movies. It is one of the largest streaming platforms that contains millions of anime titles and is regularly updated with new series and movies.

Like KissAnime and all other similar sites, it also consists of more than 45 genres, including comedy, fantasy, kids, samurai, sports, vampires, Yuri, police, etc. Each genre has its movies and shows that you can choose and play.

It also has an advanced search box that helps you quickly find your favorite titles in seconds. 9anime does not require registration or registration, but you must subscribe if you want to get an update with the new version.

It also has a programming section where you get all the upcoming titles that do better than others. 9anime also offers basic features like a simple interface, 100% free for everyone, daily updates with a press release, more than 10K movies to stream, full description of each show or movie, and much more.


DubbedAnime is a web-based platform that is specially designed for those who want to watch dubbed and subtitled episodes. It is a similar site to KissAnime and offers all the major services with an attractive interface that makes your streaming experience more interesting and enjoyable. The site contains old school videos and the latest anime episodes that make it one of the best anime streaming sites.

The site comes with a huge catalog of the best anime series in the world that consists of various categories such as Action, Adventure, Horror, Romance and much more. Each category has its own titles that you can freely explore and open without limits. DubbedAnime also offers full character details and allows you to easily follow each of their characters to make your anime streaming experience more interesting.

Like other similar sites, it also comes with an advanced recommendation system that suggests your anime episode based on your interest. DubbedAnime’s core feature includes an advanced search box, dark interface, upcoming anime details, and much more.

Otaku Stream

The Otaku Stream website is an anime-based website where you can watch your favorite anime series and have a discussion about it afterwards. The site also offers not only the television anime series, but also the movies. In addition, it has a dedicated mobile application so you can get your latest anime releases instantly, as soon as they are available online.

Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima is another free website like Animxplay for all anime lovers. This site might have a simple setup, but you might be surprised how organized they are.

This site can be navigated through different genres such as action, comedy, drama, fantasy, and even games. There are actually more, but if you want to find out, you’ll have to check out the site first. You are sure to love it.

Anime Out

The Anime Out website is a different kind of anime website. Unlike the other Animxplay alternative websites on this list, this site only offers to download the video releases.

Despite the lack of a native web-based media player, Anime Out remains a reliable source for the latest anime releases. So go ahead and visit their website now.

Cartoon Crazy

Cartoon Crazy, a Animxplay alternative, is your anime website where you can easily find your favorite anime title in just a few clicks. This website has a list of specific genres which makes browsing the website very comfortable. And if you want to search for a specific title, Cartoon Crazy has that feature too. And yes, all anime titles here are free to watch at any time.

Anime FLV

Anime FLV is home to all anime, and you can stream any title you see in their library. The site is available in a couple of languages, mainly Spanish and Japanese. But in case the site loads using other languages, you can always use Google translation. That is, of course, if you are using a Google Chrome.

The site offers free anime video streaming, so you don’t have to look elsewhere. And as soon as you finish reading this, you can go and visit the site immediately.


JustDubs is an alternative Animxplay website where you can download anime titles from the earliest releases to the newest ones. But this site does not have a very good interface. In fact, it is far from having a friendly user interface.

Still, JustDubs has your anime title, and you can download it whenever you want. You just have to see the site for yourself and find out if this website works for you.

Animxplay Alternatives: Best Free Anime Streaming Sites

Anime is the genuine source of entertainment and there are lots of source to watch out. If Animxplay is not work the go with 4anime or googoanime. As in the golden age of era we have uncounted list or alternatives of Anime Streaming websites.

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