Top 7 Best OwnCloud Alternatives For Storage in 2022

OwnCloud is a free program that essentially allows the user to be their own “cloud”. But despite sounding fantastic, it has some flaws that can be very annoying for many users. For this reason, we want to introduce you to some good alternatives to OwnCloud.

The company’s website describes the software as a file-sharing server that puts control and security of ownCloud in the hands of user-regulated administrators, offering you the opportunity to recover your data.


As we all know, cloud storage is a utility that allows us to store files remotely. We can always access the files from the Internet connection from anywhere.

Even if the device is lost, we can always recover our files instantly by logging into our account from anywhere. “OwnCloud” offers us exactly that.

Although it is a viable alternative for cloud storage, OwnCloud is not without flaws that have made many users who have already used it, prefer to look for other alternatives to OwnCloud that have other more practical functions. Here are some of the best. How to Change Instagram Password on Android

Best OwnCloud Alternative

Microsoft One Drive

The first of the OwnCloud alternatives that we want to talk to you about is Microsoft One Drive. This option really offers you a very lucid and clear interface. In addition, it also has attractive mobile versions.

The remarkable thing is that it is compatible with almost all platforms such as iOS, Android and obviously Windows. If you have Windows 8.1 or higher, you do not need to install it separately because it will already be included in the operating system. One more thing, it is integrated with OFFICE 365, which is very likely since it is a Microsoft product.

Along with that, it also features online editing and supports almost all types of data like documents, music, photos, and video files except OGV format.

To use this service, you must have a Hotmail, Skype, or account. Free users will get 5GB of storage, which is pretty decent but very low compared to Google Drive, which offers 15GB of free storage. How To Get Free Robux

Advantages of Microsoft One Drive

  • Excellent interface
  • Clients for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows
  • Well integrated with Windows 10 and Office 365
  • Strong online photo presentation and management
  • Powerful file sharing and collaborative document editing

Disadvantages of Microsoft One Drive

  • Less free storage than some competitors
  • Only allows specific folders to be synchronized


If you are looking for a personal cloud storage space that is safe to store your data, then could be considered an excellent choice among the alternatives to OwnCloud. They provide you with both types of packages, that is, both paid and free. is perfect for small teams and businesses to centralize online content to easily organize workspaces. It allows you to safely share large files and folders, even with people outside your team.

Its advanced search helps you quickly find to view and edit at any time without leaving Box. That means if you have to write or edit an MS Office file, you can easily edit it in Box without downloading it to your devices.

In the meantime, offers to go back to previous file versions and have an easy conversation with your team as you work together. Plus, individual plans start from 10GB of storage with a 250MB file upload limit for free. You can review platform and business plans to bring secure content management and collaboration to your business

Advantages of Box

  • It offers businesses a secure way to store and share files.
  • Hacker-resistant warranty.
  • It includes robust security features and integrates with applications such as Microsoft Office and Salesforce.
  • Provides 256-bit encryption security, which is the maximum by prescribed standards.

Disadvantages of Box

  • Some users have reported inconsistencies in syncing files between folders.
  • On-Box users can access files as read-only.
  • It does not provide a separate file preview or editing tool.
  • If you are using the free plan, you will not be able to upload a file larger than 250MB.

Google drive

Google Drive is one of the best alternatives to OwnCloud. With 15GB of free storage provided, Google Drive undoubtedly scores highly. To change to a larger data size, you will have to opt for a paid service, which is quite inexpensive compared to other services. It also allows online editing.

It offers you super fast loading speed. However, the speed drops considerably during download operations.

The files are protected with 128-bit encryption while they reside on Google’s servers. Also, while uploading / downloading files are protected by strong SSL encryption. But the problem is, you don’t get your own encryption key.

Advantages of Google Drive

  • Robust and secure storage solution
  • Includes a set of office applications
  • Flexible pricing plan that allows businesses to pay for what they use

Disadvantages of Google Drive

  • Some users notice long load times for larger files and the inability to share folders is one of the best and strongest alternatives to OwnCloud today. It has been increasing in popularity among people over the past few years due to its great features such as much faster speed and better security than Google Drive, and providing excellent customer service.

You can start with the free plan starting at 5GB of secure file storage and grow up to 10TB per user with commercial plans. You can also share files and protect entire folders with passwords.

In addition, you can decide the access you want to grant to share your data, expiration dates and revoke them at any time. You will place a folder on your device and you will be able to upload any document you add to the cloud.

Once you’ve uploaded something, all your files can be synced across multiple devices. All devices are supported, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

In addition, it provides you with the security feature of end-to-end encryption for the synchronization of your data, so that only you can access it.

Advantages of

  • It provides a much faster and more constant speed.
  • You can easily access your synced data without lag.
  • They provide the best customer service worldwide.

Disadvantages of

  • If you’ve already used other cloud services similar to Google Drive or Dropbox, it may not seem easy while browsing at the entry level.
  • You will not be able to download your files from if you are using Linux.


If you are looking for the most powerful cloud storage server, would be your first choice. This is because it gives you the benefit of charging on the go, which means that your charge will not be ruined even if the internet connection has been interrupted during the charging process. This is why we consider it one of the best alternatives to OwnCloud on the market.

It’s easy to send any file in any size from anywhere. It also offers a way to work together on the same document without sending emails. You can go through a free 2GB account once you sign up for Dropbox.

If you choose Dropbox to save your files, you will get different types of packages, such as personal, commercial and free of course, depending on your needs. Besides, you can also easily view and edit your documents and multimedia files.

Business account users will get a total of 2 TB of space, and business teams will get a total of 3 TB of shared space to work together. It’s perfect for sending large files to clients, including videos, CAD files, and more. Anyone can bookmark the previews from any web browser without downloading special software.

Advantages of Dropbox

  • The first advantage is that you can multitask during the charging procedure, as it will not affect the charging speed.
  • Plus, here you can easily find, move, and organize your files with just a few clicks.

Disadvantages of Dropbox

  • The first downside is that when you share a single link with another user, the entire folder becomes accessible to that person.
  • You can’t access your files if you don’t have internet access, even when there is an urgent requirement.


Another alternative to OwnCloud is SpiderOak. You may never have heard of this cloud storage server before, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t compromised while providing the space, speed, and security service to keep your data on your server.

If you are this type of user concerned about security, consider that SpiderOak is focused on privacy as it has a no-knowledge policy. Aside from its privacy features, SpiderOak has an intuitive desktop application and unlimited versioning capabilities.

The service charges more for online storage than others in the category, but you can back up an unlimited number of devices per account.

It will also keep historical versions of your files, even deleted ones, without time limits or restrictions.

You will get free storage space of up to 2 GB. Also, they provide good customer support for their desktop users, whether they are using Windows, Mac, or Linux. Then you will get the benefit of direct file upload by using the app.

Advantages of SpiderOak

  • Very good security features
  • Unlimited number of computers per account
  • Provides you with the fastest speed to upload your files.
  • This cloud storage service is easier to understand and use, even for the person who does not know how to use the computer well.
  • Suitable for PC, Mac, and Linux too.

Disadvantages of SpiderOak

  • Its cost can be somewhat high
  • Inability to restrict which networks to use for uploading files
  • Lacks two-factor authentication option for web logins


Another good alternative to OwnCloud is pCloud, the most recently introduced cloud storage service that has become so popular in a concise period of time. The reason people are so impressed with this cloud storage service is that it provides you with the simplest navigation interface where you can access your files without difficulty.

It has a great user-friendly interface that clearly shows every file you upload. pCloud is available for many devices running on iOS and Android, Mac, Windows, and also on Linux. Once you have installed pCloud on your computer, you will create a secure virtual drive that will expand your local storage.

Starting with a 10GB free plan, you can instantly sync files between all your computers, phones, and tablets. You can upgrade your pCloud account with a monthly or annual subscription and upgrade to a Premium (500 GB) or Premium Plus (2 TB) plan.

pCloud provides a built-in document viewer and media player to easily view and stream files without having to download them first. Then there is the benefit of automatic file uploading every time you add a new file to your existing device. All you need is a good internet connection speed.

Advantages of pCloud

  • You will get 10 GB of storage space totally free. Then you can also buy other plans according to your needs.
  • There are lifetime plans available where you only have to pay once and get access for a lifetime.

Disadvantages of pCloud

  • They offer a maximum storage of up to 2 TB, so if your requirement is large, this cloud storage service will not be suitable for you.
  • They only have affordable lifetime plans. If you don’t need it, then others will be expensive.

What is OwnCloud?

OwnCloud is open source software, first developed in 2010, that allows you to run a personal cloud file storage service. It has features that are comparable to other cloud storage services like Dropbox.

OwnCloud is based on a self-monitoring computer network known as Federated Cloud Sharing, which was conceptualized in an attempt to connect more than twenty different German universities.

The solution created massive “cloud storage” that enabled approximately half a million students to collaborate. OwnCloud is intended to be managed by server administrators who manage what, how much, and with whom when it comes to sharing all files.

Frank Karlitschek, who created what is ownCloud today, has described his company’s purpose “as a way to use cloud storage devices without forcing the person to use the central infrastructure of a cloud service provider, which which gives both businesses and individuals the ability to control all their data / data usage, reduce cost, or simply use a closely maintained computer network while still being able to use cloud storage. “

With ownCloud, the user installs, owns and operates their server. So you can be pretty sure that your ownCloud is secure, because your information is in the server room (or closet) that you manage.

Also, it becomes much more difficult to hack, considering that the login information is encrypted on the server, making you the only person with a digital key who can review the ownCloud settings.

The OwnCloud server software can be installed for free on Linux, and the client software can be installed on Windows, OS X, or Linux computers. Mobile apps are also available for Android and iOS.

Why look for an Alternative to OwnCloud?

OwnCloud is a fair cloud storage service, but of course it is not perfect. Many users comment that it is excessively complicated to install and use and requires a lot of knowledge from the point of view of an average user.

Another problem associated with OwnCloud is that it must first be downloaded before using it, which can sometimes be inconvenient. Also the memory it offers is directly related to that of the server, which is not convenient for all users.

For these reasons, many prefer to look for alternatives to OwnCloud that offer the same security, are easier to use and offer server independent storage.

Final Word

Despite the fact that OwnCloud is really a good cloud storage solution, especially for those users who are very concerned about the security of the files that are saved, many others who have known this software were not very convinced of its advantage. If you are one of those who are looking for good alternatives to OwnCloud, any of the options that we have shown you in this post may have exactly what you are looking for.

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