How to Download And Install BLIM TV on a Smart TV in 2022

Blim tv: Devices to recreate the human being have increased every day, including the evolution of Smart TVs and the various functions and entertainment they offer. Therefore, knowing how to download and install Blim tv is a Smart TV is not a difficult task, in addition, doing this will take a couple of minutes and you will be able to enjoy each feature of it.


Below, you will find all the details to download this application on a Smart TV according to the manufacturer’s brand. Likewise, you will know its many benefits and the viable methods to install Blim, either through Smart TV programming or through the official Blim TV page. Click here to know How to Change Netflix Password

About Blim TV

The Blim application is a television service, in which they offer their users a huge catalog of series, movies, programs, streaming and more. Before subscribing, you have the possibility to enjoy all its content for a consecutive month, this in order that once you are satisfied with its products, you acquire the programming by canceling the monthly subscription by enrolling a debit or credit card.

How to check if the Smart TV is compatible with the Blim app

Blim TV is a service offered by the television line, and offers a video on demand subscription through an Internet connection. In exchange for the payment of a monthly subscription, it offers programs to be seen only in a personal way.

With the connections that are handled, we can take Blim into account, since it offers more than 20 thousand hours of content. Our lives are not enough to see all the varied content that Blim offers to its users.

In the content of Blim there are original series produced in Spanish, Mexican and international series. You can get premiere movies from Mexican cinema, or also classics. Cartoons, shows, novels and children’s series are also available. Also check- Best Games Like Party Panic

Download Blim TV to a Samsung Smart TV

To install Blim on a Samsung Smart TV, use the app store and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Find the “Smart HUB” button on the Smart TV remote control and press it.
  • Once in the menu, enter the option “More applications” at the bottom.
  • Locate the application store identified as “Samsung Apps”.
  • At the bottom left, in the option “Search Samsung Apps”, write “Blim”.
  • After each step, press the “Download” option and in a few minutes you will be able to enjoy the App.

Download Blim TV to a Sony Smart TV

Getting Blim on a Sony Smart TV is easier than you can imagine. Run the download as follows:

  • Look on your Smart TV for the “Smart” section.
  • Enter the “App Store.”
  • Later, put the word “Blim” in the search engine.
  • Select the “Download” option and then the app will install automatically.
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Download Blim TV to an LG Smart TV

Although it may seem a bit more complex, the process to download Blim on an LG Smart TV does not differ much from the one mentioned before. You just have to follow the following indications:

  • Press the “Home” key on the remote.
  • The screen will show the option “LG Smart TV” and a box called “LG Store”, enter that application.
  • Place the word “Blim” in the search area.
  • After the search, click on the “Download” option and it will automatically be ready to use.

Download Blim TV From the official page

If for any reason you have problems downloading Blim through the app store, don’t worry. From your Smart TV browser, go to the official Blim TV page.

Automatically, this website will detect the compatibility with the technological device and will grant the permission to start the download of the app. Then you can enjoy all its services without any setback.

Final Word blim tv: 

Normally, the steps to update Blim tv on a Samsung, LG or Sony Smart TV are the same, you just have to enter the application and, if there is an update available, it will show you the alert on the screen. Follow the recommendations as indicated and run the download and update.

If for some reason, the Smart TV tells you that it does not have the capacity to support new versions, follow the instructions above according to the brand of the device and download the app alternatively.

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