How To Download Facebook Video In Android or PC in 2022

Download Facebook Video: There are different methods to download videos from Facebook, which allow you to keep all the videos you want in your gallery with simple steps.

Download Facebook Video

Therefore, throughout the following post we will explain how to download videos from Facebook to PC or Android or iOS Smartphones, easily and quickly. Best Social Networks Alternatives to Facebook

Download Video From Facebook In PC

To download videos from Facebook to your computer, you can use different online alternatives, however, the safest and most effective is Downvideo. Its operation is very simple, you just have to copy the video link from the social network, paste it in the search bar and press “Download”.

Next, select the output quality of the file from the options located under the video information. By doing so, the web will advance to a new page where you can preview the content in question. To download, just click on the three vertical dots icon and select the “ Download ” option.

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Download Facebook Video Other Alternatives

Although Downvideo is the best option to download videos from Facebook, there are other websites that can also be used, such as:

Geftvid: is a page similar to Downvideo with which you can download videos from Facebook for free. The process for this is basically the same, but this website includes the possibility of changing the output format to .mp4.

FBDown: it has the same operation as the previous two and requires the same steps to download videos from Facebook. FBDown also works on mobile and also offers a browser plugin.

Download Facebook Video Using mbasic

Another alternative that exists to download videos from Facebook is to use the “mbasic” command before the URL of the content in question. To do this, replace “www” in the file link with “mbasic”, for example, instead of appearing as it should be as .

This will give access to a simplified view of the social network in which you have to click on the video again to open it in a new window. Finally, click on the button with the three vertical dots and select the “ Download ” option .

Download Videos From Facebook on Mobile

If you want to download videos from Facebook on your Android or iOS mobile , you should know that there are different applications for this purpose. Which are:

Download Facebook Video On Android

To download videos from Facebook from an Android mobile, you can use free applications such as Facebook Video Downloader or the Fastvid app . In both cases, the procedure to follow to download content is exactly the same, you must copy the link from the Facebook app and paste it in the search bar of the selected application.

Download Facebook Videos On iOS

If you have a mobile with iOS Operating System, you can download mp4 content from Facebook using the app DManager. This is a free alternative that allows you to download videos by previewing them from the app, which offers a panel of options including “Download”, “Copy link” or “Cancel”.

How To Download Videos From Facebook From the Browser

In case you do not want to install any app on your mobile or for some reason this is not possible, you can still download Facebook videos from your mobile browser. This applies to both Android and iOS. You just have to enter Save from and paste the URL of the desired video, which must be previously copied from the social network app.

In short, whether you are using a computer or a mobile phone, downloading Facebook videos is a simple operation that can be accomplished in a few minutes.

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