Best Facebook Alternative Apps in 2022 – Best Social Networks Alternatives to Facebook With Greater Privacy And Security

Facebook Alternative: Currently Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world, with more users registered on its platform, it has more than 20 languages ​​and technical support 24 hours a day. However, this social network is not going through the best moment and due to this it has led many of its users to look for other facebook alternative with which they can replace this platform.

All this has been caused by the various inconveniences that have been occurring lately with a large number of users of the platform. Those who have ensured that the privacy and security of the site is being very passive and this has led to the theft of its users’ data, as well as violations of their data. This type of inconvenience has led a large number of its users to start looking for different alternatives to this site.

Facebook Alternative

Many of its members have started deleting their accounts and in turn looking for other social networks that meet the same facebook alternative parameters. It is very possible that you do not know any of this type, taking into account that among the other most popular social networks we find Twitter, Instagram, Google + (close soon), among others. But, the reality is different, and it is that currently there are different platforms that can fulfill the same activities as this social network and which we will present to you later. Also Check- How to Change Netflix Password

Top 10 Best Social Networks And Facebook Alternative Apps

Due to all these problems that have been arising with alternative to facebook in recent years, people have begun to look for new alternatives with which they can carry out the same activities but receiving in return greater privacy and security in all their data and publications.

It is very possible that when you want to find another page with which you can carry out the same functions, you think that they do not exist. These happen since basically the most recognized social networks worldwide are Instagram, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Snapchat, among others.

However, the reality is different, and it is that throughout all these years a large number of platforms have been created that can carry the same functions as FB. But many of them have failed to achieve the desired success, some failing in the attempt.

But, here we are going to show you which are the 10 best social networks and Apps that you can use as an alternative, receiving in return greater security and privacy. Click Here For Best Games Like Party Panic


It is unlike Vero if it has a social platform for computers, and it has been created since 2010. However, it has not yet achieved all the popularity necessary to be among the first in the market. It is an open source social network that resembles what Facebook is.

In it, its members will be able to publish statuses, share multimedia files, comment on entries, photos, videos, tags or hashtags are also used to classify each of the publications and attract more visits to them and it also has an online chat included. Therefore, it has nothing to envy to Face.

Perhaps one of its main drawbacks all these years and for which it has not managed to position itself among the top positions in the market may be due to its complexity in operation.

This does not mean that it is an extremely difficult page to use, but that being free and decentralized code, there are many servers, all of them different, thus complicating each person’s stay a bit, and may create doubts about its operation. or simply putting it aside to find something simpler and just as interesting.

Diaspora currently has more than 50,000 active members and is ad-free, and its security and privacy is very good.


This is one of the social networks that is currently growing, and perhaps one of the most popular ones. Vero has become a species between what is Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, it becomes a very good alternative to replace what has long been considered the best.

However, Vero is not yet available for computers. So far, you can only get it available in the Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Thus becoming a very interesting application for users. It can be said that perhaps one of its main disadvantages is not yet having a platform for computers, but this can be corrected later with its growth.

Regarding the most important, privacy and security, Vero does not collect any type of personal information beyond what is necessary. Therefore, it will not become such a problem.


This website very similar to Facebook is mainly oriented to the educational sector, ideal for all the children in the house who can start using it with the help of their parents. This platform’s main function is to allow communication between students and teachers.

As for its platform, it is very similar to FB, therefore, children and teachers can pretend to be using one of the best-known sites in the world, but in order to achieve good results. Within Edmodo you can find an online chat, group chats, upload educational content, it also provides support for the online class list, school report and test taking through the site.

A more dedicated site for youth and teachers who can take teaching through the site in an easy and simple way.


This has been one of the last to hit the market but, despite this, it is considered a much more mature social network than Vero itself. In Mastodon’s case, it bears a strong resemblance to Twitter. However, it continues to become a good alternative to replace Face.

Like Diaspora, it is open source and decentralized. Therefore, it can also be installed on all the servers you want. This can be somewhat beneficial but at the same time not, since it creates a bit more complexity in terms of its use.

But, the advantage of being open source is that you have much more privacy since there is no company behind your data. In such a way, that this is a good alternative when you want to use something completely safe and reliable. Like Vero, you can control the privacy of your publications, you can decide who can see them and who can not.


This is a website that will basically help you carry out all the activities that you can carry out on social networks such as Facebook, here you can interact through an online community where you can interact and have endless good experiences.

One of the main advantages of the FB social network is its ability to allow users to communicate regardless of their location. But, Nextdoor also gives you the opportunity to do this.

In addition, it is a very secure website that takes great care of the privacy of its users. Without a doubt it is a very good alternative to be able to replace Facebook and not notice many differences.


This App has become one of the most attractive tools in recent years. As for its functions, it has a bit of everything and is open source and is mainly oriented to provide privacy and security to each of its users. In terms of its tools, they are very similar to that of the Facebook social network, it has profiles, users in timelines, message sending, message box, among many others.

Among its most important characteristics we find that it is open source, it has encrypted messages and its zero censorship policy, all this makes it an excellent option for people, especially for those who are looking for an alternative to Facebook.


MeWe is characterized by currently presenting one of the best interfaces of online sites of these characteristics and has been created mainly to meet the needs of users, thus providing excellent functions on its portal.

It can be said that MeWe covers almost all aspects of Facebook and one of its main objectives is to take care of the privacy of each of the users. This being the main reason why users have wanted to stop using the famous FB social network.

This site has advertising, something that can go against the tastes of most users, since in many cases it is usually in bad taste. However, like Facebook, through this site you can also generate profits, precisely by making use of advertising. MeWe is a very simple site to use and with which you can have a good time.


Signal will not be able to replace the largest social network of all time, but it will be useful for those people who only use the network to keep in touch with their friends, family or meet people.

This application is considered one of the safest in messaging today, its main function is to provide the greatest privacy and security to each of its members. This will be a way to stay connected without having to put your personal data at risk.

It also has different options and services which can be very useful for you. This is ideal for those who want to keep in touch with their friends but without the need to continue using Face.


Ello was founded in 2012, which has been trying to position itself in the first places in the market for several years, but it still does not have all the necessary luck for that. It was created primarily to become the first alternative to Facebook.

This does not present any type of advertising, making this an advantage for almost all users, nor does it send user data to third parties for advertising purposes. It currently has more than 4 million registered users. Despite all the years since its launch, it is still a small community but they have managed to keep up.

One of the advantages of Ello is that all users can carry out transactions within the platform, either through sales of some type of product or service. A good alternative for all those who, in addition to having a good time on a digital platform, can also take advantage of it for their business.

As for its resemblance to Diaspora, it does not force its users to register with their real data, as if Facebook does, a reason that has also caused controversy in recent years. Nowadays, anyone can enter Ello, taking into account that in its beginnings it could only be entered through an invitation.


Friendica is considered as the main rival of Diaspora, it is also a free and decentralized social network, based on a network of open standard servers, that is, open source. It has been specially created to become an alternative to networks like Twitter or Facebook.

As for its configuration and management, it is very accessible, it allows you to install your own server for greater security, as well as access public servers, so that you do not have to carry your own installation.

This server like Diaspora was born in 2010, created by Mike Mc Girvin a former Netscape employee. His goal with Friendica is to be able to protect the security of each of its users, preventing them from being scammed or stolen by cybercriminals. In it you can also register with a false identity for greater security.

Final Word

Since its creation, it has been considered one of many alternatives to replace Facebook. However, like Diaspora, they have not managed to rank among the most important social networks in the market, but like the largest, it offers you truly incredible tools.

With Friendica you can share contacts with Twitter, Git Social, Diaspora and with the same Face. Without a doubt, it is still a good option for all those users who want to change of scene looking for safer sites.

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