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Filmyhit Alternatives: Technology has not only offered breakthroughs to movie makers but also to viewers of movies and TV shows. Many people look for platforms where they can access new movies for free. This leads to filmyhit and sites like filmyhit that offer high-quality free movies. These sites are also called hacked sites.


Although Alternatives to filmyhit offers free movies in high video quality, these free movie streaming sites are often full of pop-ups and ads that ruin movie times. Sometimes some sites like filmyhit can contain malicious code that can mess up the entire operating system of the device you are accessing from. Before we delve into these filmyhit com alternatives, please tell us about filmyhit first.

About filmyhit

It was a network of file streaming sites operating from Vietnam. It allowed people to watch movies for free. filmyhit first launched around 2015 with an active user base of 100 million at its peak. It was one of the most popular websites in the world of streaming before it was shut down by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in March 2018. It was named “Most Popular Illegal Site” by the MPAA.

After its closure, many of its mirror websites or proxy sites emerged, but none of them were able to reach the popularity that achieved after its creation. Users then continued to switch between these proxy sites for various reasons. First of all, in the case of these streaming websites, there are lots of ads and popups included in the main content of the movie to download.

Otherwise, there will always be some unknown process, which has nothing to do with downloading the movie, a lot of malicious code will still appear, and sometimes the movie will not even download. However, filmyhit com is now closed, and we can still explore and analyse the available filmyhit alternatives and decide whether using filmyhit is useful or not.

Is filmyhit legal and safe?

Viewing content obtained without a proper license is illegal in most Western countries. But in some countries, it is legalized by local laws. So, in order not to commit a legal crime, most of filmyhit and similar streaming sites work in other parts of the world. They are usually based in countries that do not have strict piracy or copyright laws.

As a user, you will always keep the legality of in mind. To be very specific if you are committing a legal crime, you should consult a legal professional who can advise you on the laws and regulations of that country. Later, you can make a wise decision after knowing all the facets of using filmyhit.

If you then decide to visit the filmyhit website, you should make sure that your device is protected with a quality antivirus program and firewall, as these types of websites generate revenue by displaying advertisements (usually poor quality and unreliable advertisements). These ads can be legitimately risky for users as they would not be aware of what they contain.

There is also a security threat called “malicious advertising”, which allows hackers to use advertisements to inject malicious code into website visitors. This directly means that even if the owners of filmyhit do not intend to harm their visitors, untrustworthy advertisements displayed on the site by external parties can still infect and harm users with malware or even redirect them to other malicious sites.

10 Best Sites Like Filmyhit to Download Movies and TV Shows Online

Here is a list of different alternatives to filmyhit mirrors. To avoid surveillance by your ISP, use a mirror with an established encrypted SSL connection.


FMovies is one of the oldest and most popular websites in the world of online streaming websites. It has fewer popups as compared to other streaming websites. Provides a huge collection of movies without registration or download.

User can easily find the desired movies in the main category of the site which includes genre, country, movies, TV series, AZ list, released and most viewed. It is a great platform to find new versions in high quality video.


9xflix is one of the best alternatives to filmyhit to watch movies and TV shows online for free in high video quality without registering on the website. filmyhit and 9xflix have similarities like their green and Gray color scheme with minimal design.

It is important to note that they do not have too many ads and pop-ups that could ruin the user experience and the quality of the media they offer. It has a huge collection of movies from different genres and from more than 10 countries. All of this available with just a click of a button.


VegaMovies is one of the best options among sites like filmyhit if you know what movie you want to watch right now. The feature that sets it apart from all other filmyhit alternatives is that it has no pop-ups. It may contain some ads, but it won’t bother you like pop-ups do. Also, as a user, you are not required to provide any details like name, email address, etc. It’s totally free. You can get full movie details just by clicking on the thumbnail.

One thing that might bother you is that they don’t have any kind of filter for the huge database of movies that they offer. It is very easy to navigate through the available movies if you know the name. Otherwise, you will have to deal with some random movies found on the home page.


Movies2Watch is the right choice for users who are looking for an online streaming website with less or no ads and popups. Users can access the huge collection of movies, from blockbusters to old classics, and enjoy watching them without any ads getting in their way. While there may be links to sponsored websites, these can be easily avoided without AdBlock.


Yesmovies is one of the sites organized as filmyhit with a huge database of movies and TV series with various features that offer a streaming platform with more than 5 streaming servers to satisfy the quality of its users. There are no ads on downloaded movies. Yesmovies offers a wide selection of movies and TV series of different genres with high video quality that makes its users even more excited.

It has been offering streaming services for so long that many streaming sites have come and gone. In addition to genres, it also offers the option to choose movies from different countries. Also, this website allows its users to rate movies, and these ratings are helpful most of the time for any newbie using it.

Solar Movies

SolarMovies is the best site like filmyhit for people who like to watch free movies online in HD quality. Most online streaming websites require you to create an account, but at SolarMovies you can access media in fantastic quality without even registering.

They do not offer the download option which could be a problem for people who want to download the movie. They offer movies from a wide range of genres and allow the user to filter the movies through various filters like genre, country, and IMDB rating.


GOmovies is one of the best sites like filmyhit for movies and TV shows without registration. But you can register if you want to benefit from other options, such as requesting to add content to the website.

The website contains a large collection of various genres ranging from comedy to horror. The amazing feature of GOmovies is that you can sort movies according to their IMDB ratings and if you want to watch top 100 movies or TV shows according to IMDB ratings.


aFilmywap is one of the best sites like filmyhit that offers free full movies and web series online with good video quality. Also for this website, you do not need to register to use it. It offers excellent navigation through the various filters available on the site.

It makes it easy to find movies and web series you want to watch using different filters like recently released movies, popular movies or movies. top rated with just one click. You will find some options on the home page of the website, such as Latest Movies, Popular Movies, Top 100 Movies of All TV Shows, etc.

You can also search for movies by genre, and the movie details can be obtained by simply clicking on the thumbnail. In the case of the TV series, you can still find the links for all the seasons in one place. So it is easy to find all the stations.

Moviesflix Pro

Moviesflix Pro is ​​a free movie streaming website with a large number of movies and TV shows of different genres that a user can access without registration. In the genres, there are no filters that separate the new movies available.

However, you will be notified of new arrivals. It contains fewer ads, the duration of which is relatively short. It has fewer options when playing the movie, such as volume control, video scanning, and a full screen button.


AZMovies is one of the best sites like filmyhit for streaming websites which is still using its original design which makes it quite monotonous for its users. Although it has a unique user interface and offers various filters like quality, genre, rating and direction to make it easy to navigate through the wide range of media.

Signing up for AZMovies is completely optional and you can take advantage of it if you want. The main categories it offers are Movies, TV Shows, Calendar, Playlists, and Forum. AZMovies may seem outdated due to its older designs, but it has some great curated content for its users. Therefore, it is worth a try.


The above alternatives to filmyhit can be very useful if you are planning to start with online streaming sites. With the above list by your side, you can take your pick and experience the quality of media these sites offer. Streaming sites come and go, giving you the freedom to experiment with various new and old websites for your entertainment.

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