How to Change Netflix Password on PC or Smartphone in 2022

How to Change Netflix Password: To change the Netflix password you only need to enter your account and look for the change option to later write both the old and the new password that you want to have. In this way you will have greater security and privacy in your account, since your access code should only be known by you and the people with whom you share the Netflix screen, although this applies if you have purchased a joint promotion.

change netflix password

Netflix is one of the best platforms to watch movies, series, documentaries or cartoons. Its use is popular, therefore, in this tutorial you will see how to change the Netflix password from your computer or from the application on your smartphone. However, to carry out this procedure you must know the previous password, since in this way the application will have a way to verify that, indeed, you want to make this change. Also check- Games Like Party Panic

Steps to Follow Change Netflix Password

In the following sections you will observe the different steps you must follow if you want to change your password from your computer or cell phone. Netflix is a streaming program that has the facility to download its own application for both smartphones and computers that have the Microsoft Store. In the same way, you can also perform the procedure from the Netflix website in the browser of your choice. Visit here – How To Get Free Netflix Account

Netflix Password Change From PC

In case you do not want or cannot download the Netflix application, the platform also has a website that you can access to see all the content it has available. On the other hand, you can also change the Netflix password from your computer’s browser as follows:

  • Open the following link to directly access the “Change password” section of Netflix.
  • Log in normally, if closed.
  • You will have to fill in three fields. In the first one, put the current password, in the second the new password. Then confirm the new password and press “Save”.
  • The process will be finished, it is recommended to restart session on all the devices you use, with the new password.

Netflix Change Password From Your Android

You can download the Netflix application for both Android devices (you can get it through this link) or for iOS phones (from the App Store with this link) to make the password change procedure faster. Similarly, you can also access the mobile browser of your choice and carry out the same actions. Check out the following steps to change Netflix password from your phone:

  • Open the Netflix app.
  • Login with your email and password.
  • Press “More”.
  • Swipe and tap on “Account.”
  • Select “Change password.”
  • Enter both your current and new password. Enter the new password again to confirm it.
  • Press “Save.”

Once the process is complete, you will have to re-log in with the new password on all the devices on which you have opened the account. This in order to ensure that you log in only to those authorized or granted computers. This will keep your account safe from those who should not have access to it. If you do this and share the screen with other people, announce this change to them so that they can enter the platform.

Alternative Way How to Change Netflix Password

Apart from the route described above, there is another way to change the Netflix password from the computer, which is done in a series of steps that will be explained below:

  • Enter Netflix with your email and password.
  • Choose a session (this applies only to users who share Netflix screens with other people).
  • Press the arrow next to your profile icon. It’s to the right of the notifications icon.
  • Go to “Account”.
  • Select “Change password.”
  • Enter the current password and the new password you want to enter.
  • Press “Save”.

It is necessary to remember that after changing the password and saving the changes made, Netflix will send you a confirmation email for the password change. In the event that you receive the email but it was not you who executed this procedure, you should immediately contact Netflix Support so they can send you instructions on how to revoke this change.

Netflix Password Reset

If you don’t remember your current password, Netflix has a series of procedures that will allow you to reset your password with your email or phone number. To do this, you just have to follow the steps that have been explained above, and when accessing the password change you must press the link “Forgot your password?”. You will have to choose if you want to receive the verification code by text message or by email.

In case you do not have either of the two options, you will have to press the button “I don’t remember my email or my phone number” and enter both your personal and credit card information so that Netflix can locate your account. . Once you get it, you can change your account password with the steps that have been explained above.

End Liner

You have different options to change your Netflix password quickly and easily. It is a procedure that does not require much time and that you can do from the comfort of your smartphone or computer. Likewise, if you do not remember the password you have entered, you have several alternatives to reset it or to locate your account thanks to your personal data and the credit card information you have affiliated.

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