How to Enable or Disable Google Chrome Plugins or Extensions 2022

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers today and has an advantage over its direct competition; Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Safari are some of them, but they have been overtaken by Google’s browser. Much of its success lies in the fact that Chrome allows the integration of useful tools that improve the browsing experience, such as chrome plugins or extensions.

Chrome plugins

You can only download Chrome plugins or extensions from the Chrome Store, making it impossible to install any of them outside of the Chrome environment. The purpose of chrome plugins or extensions is to facilitate a small activity and not a set of them, this because it could slow down the browser. Therefore, if you need to know how to enable or disable chrome plugins or extensions in Google Chrome, you will have all the information in this article. Also Check- How to Download Blim TVĀ 

How to Add Extensions to Chrome Plugins or Extensions

This procedure is simple, but it is enough to know that you can only enable plugins or extensions that have already been downloaded and installed in Google Chrome. With this in mind, then follow the steps shown below:

  • Open Google Chrome and go to the top right of the browser, to a 3-dot icon. Click on it to enter the browser Settings. Also, you can enter the options by typing in the address bar this: chrome: // settings /.
  • Now, look for the option “More tools” and leave the mouse cursor on it.
  • One more set of options will be displayed in a pop-up menu, where you have to click on the “Extensions” section.
  • A new window will open where the extensions you have downloaded will be. Most of them are automatically enabled, but it is not the common denominator. When you find the plugin or extension you want to enable, you just have to click on the blue switch at the bottom left of the extensions.
  • In this way, you can already enable the Google Chrome extensions once you download them. It is a simple and at the same time comfortable method. Make sure to download only the necessary ones, as installing too many can affect your browser’s performance.

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How to Remove Chrome Extensions And Plugins

Now, if you want to do the reverse procedure and disable extensions from Google Chrome, follow these steps to complete the process quickly and smoothly.

  • Reopen Google Chrome if you did not have it open and click on “Settings”. You know, it’s the 3 vertical dots icon. If you prefer, type in the address bar chrome: // settings /.
  • In the menu that appears, move the mouse cursor over the section “More tools” and then in “Extensions”, it is the submenu that appears after this action.
  • Now, you will see that the window dedicated to the extensions and plugins that you downloaded and that you have active appears. You will notice this as the switch is on as it is blue in color. To disable the extensions, click the switch to turn it from blue to gray. This is the signal that you have disabled the extension in question.

This is how you disable extensions or plugins in Google Chrome. Remember that you must repeat this action for each of the extensions that you want to disable. Chrome doesn’t give you an option to disable them all because it’s impractical and since they all work independently of each other, it would be a tedious job to re-enable them.


If you disable extensions in Chrome, you don’t need to remove them completely, as they will stop working when you disable them. If you plan to remove them, you just have to click the Remove button that is to the left of the switch for each of the extensions or plugins.

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