How To Screenshot On Windows: Take A Screenshot On Windows 10/ 7/XP In 2022

We show you how to take a screenshot on windows. There are different methods and, although the best known is the ” print screen ”, we cannot forget about how to screenshot on windows quickly.

With the launch of a new operating system there are many elements that change. The one that we usually notice the most is the interface. The interface of the different versions of Windows is very different from each other, but it is clear that, beyond what we see, there are the new functions. And luckily, the method of how to screenshot on windows has evolved.

How To Screenshot On Windows

Taking a screenshot is vital for many users. Either because we have to do a tutorial (like this one), because we want to show something to our contacts or because there is something we want to capture to upload to social networks or save for later, it is a fundamental characteristic for many. Therefore, the archaic method that existed until a few years ago was not enough; something that Microsoft took note of by improving the way to take quick screenshots in Windows.

Next, we show you how to take a screenshot on windows in a simple way, several methods so that you capture at all times what interests you the most or take a screenshot very quickly so that the information that is in that moment on screen. And, of course, we start with a classic. Also Check How to Delete Snapchat

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10/XP

As we say, the traditional way to take a screenshot in Windows is by ” Print Screen ”. It is something that has been with us for generations and that, really, is the most uncomfortable way to take a screenshot in Windows.

To take a screenshot using the ” Print screen ” method, all you have to do is look for the ” Print pt ” key, although the letters usually vary, press it and then go to a program like Paint. Once there, you use the ” copy ” option (Ctrl + v) and voila, you can now save the screenshot.

Although, as we say, it is an archaic method, it is very useful in some situations. For example, if we are writing a document in Word, we click on the screen that we want to capture and copy it in the middle of the document, we will not have to use the ” insert image ” option, since it will happen automatically.

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How to Take Screenshot on Windows 7, Vista and Windows 10

Another method to make screenshots easy in Windows is by combining ” Alt + Imp pt ”. When we use ” print screen ”, the capture is not saved in a folder, but in the clipboard. If we use this combination, it is also saved there.

You will say … what is the use of taking a screenshot with Alt + Print screen? The answer is easy: if you have several active windows, that combination will save only the window that is active, instead of the entire desktop.

As happens when we use ” Print screen ”, we must paste the capture in a compatible editor both to insert it and to save it in the format we want.

How to Take Screenshot on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7

The Snipping Tool is one of the most useful applications in Windows 10. In fact, it is something that allows us to easily capture both windows and triangles, the entire desktop or selecting the area we want thanks to the ” free clipping ”.

To access the Windows 10 Snipping Tool for the first time, all we have to do is press the Windows key and type “ Snippets ”, select the application and, if you are going to use it a lot, you can leave it anchored in the bar of homework.

To use the tool, we select the ” Mode ” that we want and click on ” New ”. Once we cut the screen, a new window opens from which we can adjust different parameters, as well as save the image wherever we want. That is, with this we do not have to use Ctrl + v to paste the capture, since we can save it manually wherever we want.

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Windows + Shift + S, Clip The Screen in Windows 10

Although the Snipping tool is very good for certain cases, there is a shortcut that is not bad at all. It is about Windows + Shift + S. With this access the screen is tinted gray and a pointer appears that allows us to select the area we want to capture.

It is very useful to select certain areas and save them on the clipboard, so we can embed them without having to cut into any document in a very simple way.

Windows + Print Screen, The Best Windows 10 Screenshots

Finally, we are going with the best shortcut to take screenshots in Windows 10. Finally, the Microsoft operating system included a function that automatically saves a screenshot of the desktop in a folder.

With the combination ” Windows + Print Screen ” we obtain a screenshot of the entire desktop that is saved in the folder ” Screenshots ” in ” Images ”.

It is the best way to easily take screenshots in Windows 10, although there is still a little trick of the operating system to automatically generate screenshots.

PSR.exe, The Best Trick to Take Screenshots in Windows 10

One last trick for taking screenshots in Windows is the User Action Recording wizard, or Problem Steps Recorder, PSR. It is something that has been in Windows since Windows 7 and that allows, automatically, to automatically capture the tabs.

It is something very useful to do a tutorial, since it takes a screenshot every time we click on a point on the desktop. To open the User Action Recording program, all you have to do is, in the Windows search bar, type ” psr ” or ” psr.exe ”.

With that, we open the program, and all you have to do is select the option ” Start recording ”.

With this, you already have everything you need to know to take screenshots in all versions of Windows. As you can see, there are different options to make a capture easily and quickly in Windows.

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