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KissAnime has always been a pillar of support for me. During the period of the Coronavirus and the subsequent closures, it has been my choice and has kept my head above water, despite all the negativity in the world. I think this was true for almost all anime lovers. Now that Kiss anime, one of the largest free anime streaming sites,


has been shut down, the future of online anime streaming, and anime watchers floats in uncharted waters. That is why I have compiled the list of the best free Kissanime alternatives for you. Websites To Watch Free Movies Online

Why Was Kissanime Closed? was one of the biggest anime streaming sites. According to a report, it was the most visited hacked website after Pirate Bay. But as with all pirated websites, there is always an imminent threat from the authorities and copyright owners, as content piracy is illegal after all.

On August 14, Kissanime appeared with a notice on his website that read: “Our beta servers have been taken down by copyright owners, this could lead to website shutdown. We will make more announcements after we have the decision.” In just a few minutes, started trending on Twitter, with people speculating about the website’s demise. Check here- Free Sports Streaming Sites

And that is precisely what happened. Kiss anime closed once and for all. If you visit the website, you will find a notice that says: “All files are removed by copyright owners. The site will be closed forever. Thank you for your support.”

The operators of the online anime streaming site have not issued a statement. However, it is speculated that since Japan criminalized manga piracy in June, this was bound to happen. The fact is, the anime kiss ship has sailed. The only thing we can do is search for the best Kiss anime replacement websites.

Copyright owners and pirate websites have been playing cat and mouse for years, and it’s always the users who bear the brunt. So here I have listed the best legal alternatives to Kissanime to stay long. Sports Streaming Sites Like Viprow 

Top 5 Best Kissanime Alternatives to Watch Anime Online Free


Netflix is home to thousands of TV shows and movies. But not many people know that Netflix has a lot of famous anime shows to offer. In fact, it even has English dubs of various trending anime.

Previously, Netflix offered only a handful of anime that made people jump to illegal streaming websites. However, Netflix has increased its anime catalog and now offers tons of Japanese anime. Also, there are several Netflix original anime like Castlevania, Violet Evergarden, and more.

Of course, their anime catalog is still small compared to Funimation or AnimeLab, but it is growing at a pretty good rate. We believe it will become the best Kissanime replacement website in no time.

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Animelab is one of the best free and legal anime streaming sites on the internet. It has over 741 TV shows and anime movies and has all the famous TV shows like One Piece, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, Dragon Ball Super and more.

Since AnimeLab is a legal anime streaming website, you cannot access the entire anime collection without getting the premium membership. That said, users can still watch most anime shows for free with certain limitations, such as not having access to English dubbing, commercial breaks, and streaming quality limited to 480p.

Besides the paid subscription, AnimeLab is the best Kissanime ru replacement website as it has roughly the same huge Anime catalog. The only frequent problem with AnineLab is that it is only available in Australia and the Netherlands, but a good VPN can help you there.


We always recommend streaming and downloading anime from legal websites. But, if an anime is not copyrighted, you can download the anime from an anime torrent website.

Animetosho is one of the best alternatives to Kissanime, where you will find thousands of anime, English and Japanese dubbing. Since Animetosho is a torrent website, you can only download anime through a torrent client.

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Funimation, owned by Sony, is one of the largest anime distribution platforms in the world. The platform is known for anime dubbing. Therefore, anime enthusiasts who prefer English dubbing would love anime kiss replacement site.

Most anime can be viewed for free and are advertised. The best part about this Kiss anime alternative is that there is no limit on streaming quality. As of now, popular anime like The Rising of the Shield Hero, Demon Slayer, Hunter X Hunter, My Hero Academia can be watched for free.

However, the last episodes of an ongoing anime will likely require a premium subscription from Funimation. Funimation is only available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. However, you can use a VPN to start streaming on this Kissanime alternative for 2020.


Crunchyroll is another one of the best free Kissanime alternatives for anime streamers around the world. While the legal anime site also has a premium subscription, all anime shows are completely free to watch with no streaming quality restrictions, albeit ad supported.

The only big problem with Crunchyroll is that a lot of content is restricted and only available in certain regions. Despite using NordPass, one of the highest paying VPNs, I couldn’t get around the annoying license limitation policy.

Fortunately, you can get rid of the license limitations via the CR – Unblocker extension available in Mozilla Firefox. Crunchyroll is also the best Kissmanga alternative as it has a wide range of manga collections. However, users will have to subscribe to the premium at $ 7.99 / month + tax.

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Kissanime Alternatives

So these were some of the best Kiss anime alternatives where you can watch anime for free. I know some of these websites don’t offer free anime after a trial period, but since anime piracy is illegal, we don’t have much of a choice here when it comes to free and legal anime.

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