Netflix Audio Mode Only – Best Way How to Use it For Android Users in 2022

Netflix has recently introduced an audio mode only for Android device users. This means that you can enjoy your favorite shows with the device in your pocket and save your mobile data. It works exactly like when you listen to the radio. This means that you will actively listen to follow and understand everything that is going on.


Or, you can use it to add background noise while you are busy with other tasks. To get the feature to your Android device, you must have the latest version of the Netflix app on your device. How To Get Free Netflix Account

How to Activate The Audio-Only Mode on The Android Device

There are several methods you can use to turn your Netflix application into audio-only mode. First of all, you must have an Android device. Audio-only mode is currently being tested on Android devices.

Second, you must have the latest Netflix app on the device. This means that you must update the application to the latest version before you can see this new feature. You must also request the beta version of the Netflix app.

When you’ve completed these steps, you may be lucky enough to be one of the few selected to try out this new feature.

With the Netflix app activated and with videos playing in full screen, check to see if there is an audio-only button above the play button. Press this button to activate audio-only mode for your Netflix application.

In audio-only mode, you can even enjoy series and movies not available in the region according to Netflix. You can follow and understand even without a video showing. It may not have visuals, but now you can unblock Netflix series via VPN and listen to your favorite shows. Make sure you get a premium VPN that protects you and gives you access to high-quality entertainment with ease. With it, you can keep up to date with programs that may be blocked.

The second method to activate the audio-only mode on the Android device is also quite straightforward. In your application settings, you will see the Audio Only option. Clicking the button will bring up a menu with options for when the audio-only option can be enabled.

Options include Always On, Headphones, External Speakers, and Off. This activates the audio-only mode and offers options for when it can be used automatically. You can choose any of these options to activate the audio-only mode by opening the Netflix application.

You can choose the deactivation option to continue enjoying your Netflix movies or series on your Android device as usual. However, you can choose the audio mode easily with the available options.

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What Happens When It Is in Audio-Only Mode

When activating the audio-only mode from the button on the screen or from the settings, the screen goes blank. You can hear the show behind the black screen watching you.

On the screen, you have the playback buttons you need to control the display. Even with the audio-only mode on, you can pause, forward, or rewind your audio videos at any time.

When you’re ready to go back to your videos, just turn on the audio-only button on the screen. This removes the audio-only mode and returns to video mode.

The audio-only mode is suitable for programs such as documentaries, sitcoms, and stand-up comedy shows. You don’t have to follow the video to understand what’s going on. You can laugh at the jokes on your favorite stand-up comedy show without seeing the facial features of the comedian or the crowd.

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When the trial is over, you’ll need to get the latest Netflix app for the feature to update automatically. It also appears that the feature is exclusive to Android devices at the moment. It is likely that after the trial period, the audio-only mode feature will be rolled out on other devices as well.

If you repeat a movie or series, this is the best way to watch it. For a new movie, it will be difficult to watch it with the audio-only mode on.


Update the Netflix app on your Android device to enjoy this new audio-only feature. You can use this mode with the device in your pocket or when you just want to enjoy. Netflix as a podcast. You can choose this option as the default setting for the Netflix app if you select it to always be on in settings.

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