Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives To Stream Cartoons Online In 2022

If you are a cartoon lover, you might know that there is a dearth of cartoon streaming sites on the internet. Not that anime or cartoon streaming sites don’t exist, but they are rare. Of all these sites, WatchCartoonOnline used to be the best. The site allowed users to watch endless hours of cartoon videos for free.


Most importantly, WatchCartoonOnline does not require the creation of an account. Apart from that, it also allows users to download cartoon videos for offline viewing. However, the site was found to host copyrighted content and the authority shut it down as a result.

WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives To Watch Cartoons Online

The site is no longer available, and this is what forced WatchCartoonOnline users to look for their alternatives. If you used to be a Watch Cartoon Online user, you are reading the right article. Below, we have shared some of the best Watch Cartoons Online alternatives for streaming cartoon and anime videos.


Well, 9Anime is by far the best cartoon streaming site available on the web. It is a website dedicated to cartoon lovers known for its unique collection. The site’s user interface seems a bit outdated, but it also makes it easier to navigate the site. There is a search bar that you can use to access your content at the top. The only downside to 9Anime is the ads. Some ads often redirect you to spammy websites.

Anime Center

If you are a cartoon lover, you may know the Anime Center. It is a favorite site for cartoon lovers to discover new viral anime series. When it comes to content, nothing can beat Anime Center. The site is known for its unique collection and is the best cartoon site to visit.


Well, Toonjet is by far the best WatchCartoonOnline alternative on the list. Compared to Watch Cartoon Online, Toonjet has more content. Almost all cartoon content was uploaded in high quality. Although the site does not require you to create an account, you can access some of the exclusive cartoon and movie shows by signing up. The user interface of the site is also clean and well organized.

Disney Junior

Well, Disney Junior is one of the best websites for kids to watch cartoons online. The site does not have movies or TV shows, but does offer popular Disney clips. Besides watching videos, you can also play games on the platform. The user interface of the site is pretty clean and it is the best WatchCartoonOnline alternative that you can visit right now.


Well, WatchSeries is an underrated cartoon streaming site on the list that you can use right now. Unlike all other sites, WatchSeries does not confuse users with unlimited content. It only has a few popular titles that were highly sought after by users. Besides the cartoon series, you can also watch many regular TV shows like Game of Thrones, Black Mirror, etc.

9xflix Review

Anime Toon

If you are looking for the best cartoon streaming site to watch endless hours of anime cartoons and videos, then Anime Toon might be the best choice for you. Guess what? Anime Toon offers dubbed anime videos. Not only that, but some of the anime movies and TV shows also have subtitles. The Anime Toon homepage section has unique sorting options for discovering popular and underrated movie titles based on genres.

GO GO Anime

If you are a big cartoon lover like me, you might know GOGOAnime. Right now, it is the popular anime streaming site on the internet where you can watch endless hours of anime cartoons and videos. The good thing is that it has almost all popular anime titles with subtitles. It also has an Android app, but for some reason, it wasn’t available on the Play Store.

Kiss Anime

Well, KissAnime is probably the best WatchCartoonOnline alternative on the list. The site allows you to discover and watch endless hours of video content for free, and that too without creating an account. Almost all content hosted on the site was available for free in HD and FHD format. However, since it is a free site, it shows a lot of ads. The site is also banned in many regions because it shares copyrighted content.


This site doesn’t serve as the best WatchCartoonOnline alternative because it focuses more on standard movies and TV shows. There is a section for cartoon lovers to discover trends and new anime / cartoon videos. In addition to cartoon content, you can watch popular movies and TV show titles like Game of Thrones, The Godfather, etc.

Editor Word

These are the top 8 WatchCartoonOnline alternatives to watch cartoon online for free. I hope this article has helped you! Share it with your friends too. If you know of other such sites, please let us know in the comment box below.

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